Onion Junktion Art Contest

Contest by kobatochan.com Imagine “Hovering in front of a powerful, elderly martial artist with a large body to match his strength, is a domineering Chinese-style cauldron. Floating above the cauldron is a majestic pill, emitting an ethereal glow and seemingly containing a whole world within…“


  In a session with the former RBI Governor Reghuram Rajan, a student had asked him the reason for the rising food prices. The question was when the inflation prices go up the prices of dosa goes up but when the inflation rates are lower the dosa prices are not lower. Reghuram Rajan explained this situation…


Moving is hard, especially when you have no proper understanding of the new place. Yes, we will have an idea of some kind and mostly some assumptions but they are all so different from the reality. You will keep finding yourself getting lost a couple of times around the block before you get it right….

Reviewing GETMYUNI website

Getmyuni is a college search platform that offers to help students choose the right college or university with the help of 84000+ ratings and 59000+ reviews. The company has covered eleven thousand colleges in India and has more than 67000 users. What I love About Getmyuni. The very simplicity of the site with the absence of popups appealed…

Differential Differentiation

It has been three weeks since I have been selected as one of the core committee members of Pragati, B-fest of Amrita School of Business. The  campaign has kick started and it’s still hectic and no sleep for the wicked has become my  new destiny tag. But now finally, the corporate brochure is ready and the…


Thinking of using this in Tomes of Talespinner. A guardian monster is supposed to be guarding Irkia.


Now that I look at it. It kinda looks like naruto. Maybe I will make this face part of one of my stories