Seasons of Stories

Seasons go by as whoever we are

or wherever we are

our ears pick up, the telltale of a tale


Whatever it maybe, a fantasy or  a story told true

a tragedy of land or a comedy of storm

we will gather around

for we are creatures of tales


Sometimes as a flash of reprieve in a dried up day

sometimes as a storm that will leave us all lost

and some other times as a beacon, shining brightly

reminding us of the light at the end of the tunnel


and I wait for a story to come

as the seasons go by



A flash fiction challenge – Horizon of Insanity

Keep it small and keep it in three sentences , I was able to rein my imagination into three sentences.
“ My hands are red and my soul is blue……and the world is so dark like …. my green soul”, I murmured on with a blank face as I looked down on myself lying down on the red earth with my iris drawn back to my head and with bones poking through several parts of my battered body, probably trying to draw out the last vestiges of memory buried deep into the recess of my mind, trying to understand what had happened; and most possibly failing in it, like how it had been said in the scrolls.
Should I laugh, cry or feel pity for what had been me; no I am still here, I am still me, it’s just the container that had changed or more correctly, I look at myself; ethereal, reborn and awake, yes I have awakened or maybe ascended, I guess ascended would be the right word, for what I am now is infinitely more powerful than the husk I was before, yes power truly is sweet and I want it.
I want more.

A Space Opera – Flash fiction ( 1000 words ) – Reimagining Mahabharata

Static buzzed in Rad-60M Wardrunner’s radio as it sped towards Styh’a, the planetary headquarters of Qluemi System. Ayu looked from the screen monitor to the red button that had started to beep. 
” Report “, he said as he hit the button.
” Its Siamis, Ayu.”.. Transmitter radioed in.” We have reports that the Kurs are mobilizing near the Qluemi Star, they have a neutralizer, and we suspect they intend to destroy the star.”
Ayu felt a cold fear spreading inside him.
” That goes against codes, whole of the planetary system will be obliterated “. His voice stuttered for a moment.
” This is war Ayu, they knows that the war will be short if they kill the commander, they want it to be over fast like everyone. Now listen to me.  You are far away, you might be able to escape”
” What about the Commander general “, Ayu interrupted.
” With us, They have blocked out Riftgates. We won’t be able to escape now. You have been advised to make for escape, we are trying to minimize the damages, we have asked all of our troops at the fringes to withdraw “
” What about the inhabitants of the planets? They will all die “
” Nothing we can do “
” Why are we not stopping them?”
” They have employed the Wheelock shield .We can’t break into those shields. They are new and they are good “
Ayu looked at the red button that continued to blink. He had heard about the shield since the beginning of the war, the shield was thought to be an urban legend until Kurs threw it against the Paem’s counter strikes completely stopping them. 
” I might be able to break in” he said.” I had seen my dad and uncle’s work, they had been working on a project to break into Kur’s new shield “
But can you get out. A voice spoke in his head. He had seen the work his dad and uncle had done. They were good, but he hadn’t gone fully through the reports and codes. He swallowed.
” We can break out. If we can obliterate them from inside “, he said more to himself than to the other person on the radio.
” That’s stupid Ayu , I strongly Advice against it and save your ass”
” Put me on with Yushta, I need to talk to him “
The static in the radio blurred again for a moment before anew voice replaced it. Ayu recognized his Dad’s big brother’s voice.
” Yushta is busy. This is Bia, We are running out of time here boy… I want you to get out of here and join your father. You can avenge as later “
” Uncle I can get in “
” What? “
” I have seen the codes that could be used to break into their guards, their ridge locks aren’t as strong as they think. Dad and Uncle Ris had already breached the codes some days ago “
” Are you sure “
” Yes “
The radio buzzed again for a moment, Silence.
” Keep in contact. You will meet us at Kripplin Belts “
                  Siamis felt an unusual calm surround him, he hadn’t expected himself to be dragged into war between the clone princes of Kurs and elemental princes of Paems. And he hadn’t expected himself to die at such a young age. The little hope from Ayu didn’t make the shadow of inevitable death fade away. He expected to die, to die fighting.
He looked around him as men and women waited with hard eyes. He checked the belt strapped around him, he wasn’t a flyer. He was a Quantombot driver. He can fight, but only in gravity and he expected Ayu to take him to the crows nest.
The alarms in Rad-60M Wardrunner’s went on as soon as the ship closed on to the sun’s atmosphere. Ayu could see the Kurs’ Heavy battleships, docked near to the sun. At a distance from the sun, orbs were aligned in equal distance around the sun creating the wheelock shield. Ayu piloted the ship straight to the shield and as he closer, he directed the autopilot to move the ship parallel to the shield. He gave a silent prayer and started the code.
” Lord Yushta our forces are inside the shield and they had engaged the enemy. “
Bia looked up from his seat to see Yushta standing at the edge of the holographic circle, that projected the battle formation for the commanders and strategists to work from. He looked haggard. Feeling eyes on him, he looked at Bia and smiled.
Bia knew that Yushta had been taking much more responsibilities for himself the last few days; he had been intentionally giving Bia space to morn for his first son, one of the many causalities of the war. Bia had promised to console himself after the war, after all of his cousins in the Kurs clan was laid to rest.
Bia nodded. He had always felt pride of his elder brother even though he wasn’t exceptionally talented commander or fighter, but he was a good leader.
He looked at the hologram; it looked like his nephew is doing good, just like his father. He was dispatching enemy flights one after the other.  Bia’s younger brother Arn was a much more accomplished warrior than him. He just wished he was here with them; he could have used the company.
It has been thirteen days since the War had begun between the Kur’s and Paem’s and he was needed elsewhere. Though both the clans had been from the same clan initially, this war was inevitable and it had been in the making from the moments his brothers and his cousins were born. It had just come too late.
Suddenly one of the strategists watching the battle spoke. “ My Lords “
“What is it ?“, Bia heard his brother ask.
“Your nephew is in trouble “

The inspiration hunter – Terrible minds Challenge

A flash fiction challenge – 100 words only

I wish the day would come soon when I could stop killing people in my mind for just 100 words –  

” Why “, sobbed the woman.

” A challenge was issued “, I said.
“What “, she quavered.
“A challenge.. can’t you hear me… a challenge.. need hundred words”
” But…Why “. Tears flowed from her eyes.
” Needed the experience.. want to better myself…. keep talking “
” Please…”
“Save me…”
” Yes…. keep talking”
“Please “, she whimpered and a shudder went through her and she stopped moving.
I looked at the stab wound, looked terrible but the concept was terrible minded, a hundred words of fiction. A drabble. It is hard enough to write short fictions. 

Secret Life Of Jon Romance

The morning light flirted into the room through the open window accompanied by  the cold morning wind billowing the curtains that adored the windows. A jay landed on the window sill and peered inside and took of us soon as it saw the door to the room open.
Jon Romance walked into the room; an eccentric name just like its owner. He took in the view of the room, the sunlight flowing in through the open window, giving a glow to the potted plant that was kept near the window sill which would have given the room a pleasing ambiance if not for its untidiness. Only the bed looked tidy compared to the whole room, a perceiving man could see that the person who slept in the bed is a peaceful sleeper which in reality contradicted the character of the bed’s owner
His eye fell on the unruffled bed. He wasn’t a peaceful sleeper usually, but it seems when certain things change other things changes too. Changes bring new changes, something most of humans  are not usually enthusiastic about.
He walked from the bed side to the study table that was kept near the bed; an old fashioned desk lamp adorned the table.  The table was strewn with books, pens, papers, socks along with two coffee mugs from the last day that hadn’t been washed yet.
Jon looked at the blank white sheets that had been left untouched by him on the table, now for five consequent days. He shifted in his feet trying to make something magically appear in the page. He lifted the paper from the table, sighing he crumpled and threw it into the basket but it bounded off after hitting its side.
The paper ball now lay along with the rest of the papers that adorned the floor just like the table along with clothes, bag and newspaper.
Sighing Jon walked out of the bedroom into the sitting room banging the door shut without bothering to put the crumpled paper back into the basket.
The sitting room was well designed giving the room comfortable lighting and well kept unlike the later. He sat in front of the lap browsing through his social account. The day was Sunday and looked perfect, Jon felt worried .
Jon never in his life had been a sound sleeper, his bed always gave the appearance of a forest rumpled by an elephant but for the past six days he had slept peacefully and that worried him. It’s because Jon had a secret, a secret of his own.
Jon Romance was an architect one of the succesfull ones and who was considered a genius . People for some reason loved his name ironically though his character had never done justice to his name. He was never the romantic type. His friends would have swore that the only thing he had ever been romantic would have been his work.
The life style followed by Jon was elite, perfect and absolute. He hated it, it had already started to bore him. Jon was special from birth, a premature baby by birth he hadn’t suffered any problem that premature babies had usually suffered. He indeed was a lucky one. But what made him special was not the genius he was, he had a secret that he had kept hidden . From the age of seven he had started drawing in his sleep of a particular person, a girl a child. He had kept the first sketch as an amusement . the second sketch after three days made him curious but from then on he had started drawing the girl every night. And as he grew the girl in the pic also grew, and at some point he knew the girl in the pictures had overgrown him too.
He sighed again, he felt unusually irritated. He hadn’t been able to concentrate in his work for a few days now. He thought about the woman in the drawings. He laid back on to the couch and closed his eyes trying to picture her , he felt the aching pain rise in his heart that he had been trying so hard to ignore.
He had come to the acknowledge the conclusion he had reached, he is in love or had been love anyway it doesn’t look like it matters any more because there can be only one reason for him to stop drawing her.  He stood up from the couch and started pacing around the room.
He prayed that he was wrong, the magic could have just stopped….Only about 70 percent chance for her to turn up dead . He thought . Then for a moment he stopped his line of thoughts raving through his mind. Was she even real he thought … he felt blank …. What was happening to him…. Its ordinary for people to fall in love online he thought atleast they know that someone exists … but in his case there wasn’t even a chance that she was real… the chances for her being real are below 1 percent . he started laughing…….. amd stopped laughing when tears began streaming down his face….. he shook himself and rose from the couch and washed his face in the bathroom feeling a little bit stupid now that he thought about the whole thing.
He laughed lightly at himself as he walked back to sitting room, he sat before the laptop again and opened drive and moved the cursor towards a folder named dreampics and opened it and clicked on the very first image of that folder.
A pic of small girl popped up, it was the first sketch he had made. He had kept the pics and after sometime he had scanned them on to his computer. He changed from one pic to another one showing her in a swing as a little girl another showing her sleeping then soon the pics changed from her being a kid to a teen, pics of her with her friends, pics of her with a boy. Probably her boyfriend thought Jon, well if she existed or exists he added to his line of thoughts. The pics of other individuals other than her in the picture were always faceless. It was clear enough to know that the person was a friend or parent, but the faces were never drawn by him.
He clicked through pics then he stopped and reeled back and looked at one of the old drawing again, it had been years since he had gone through that pic, he looked at the pics date and knew that he had drawn it in his college time. The pic showed the city park, he had strolled through the park many a time and he now recogonised the cherry tree at the base of which she sat with her friends.
She is real he thought for a moment , then stopped himself, it could all just be a coincidence. He began going through pics more carefully now and began noticing places from the city. The avenue road, the westbridge , mall street , how had missed these he thought. Soon the pics began her showing her in twenties
He stopped at one of the pics it was the pic of her sitting at a coffee bar, the one across the street he knew it because he had frequented it many a time. She was talking with someone in the picture his face was clearless like all others but the surroundings were clearer and his eyes fell on the clock on the wall showing the date first march, today.
He jumped from the couch and was running out of the door then came running back in took his jacket and keys and ran outside locking the doors.
Three minutes later he strolled into the coffee bar, there were a few people chatiing with each other while having coffee, he sighed to himself and walked to the table that was shown in the sketch. He sat across the chair where she sat. he could get a clear view of the door to the coffee shop.
He ordered from the menu and sat staring at the door waiting hoping and then she walked in as clear as sunrise her hair rustled up as if she too was running, her hazel eyes found him and then she smiled as though she had been expecting him.
 He felt the ache again in his chest the feeling of something found and also the knowledge that you will lose it.


Ersatz watched the family through the window from the roof of next building, the familiar scene laughing father, chiding mother, happy faces of children has become to Ersatz his temple where he  wash away his pain.
He need to feel the glow of life once in a while so that he won’t forget his past, so that he could sweep his demons away which keeps coming with his each step towards the darkness. So that he won’t become a monster.
But the ghosts of the past keep catching up to him enemies legacy of his dead master hunting and stalking him at every point of his pitiful existence. Killers, murderers , monsters. They always keep creeping back when he wasn’t looking.
Ersatz that was the name given to him by his maker, the inferior one, a substitute the name meant. That was how his master had seen him, a substitute of himself. Maybe he had made him to act as a fake until his untimely death by Ersatz hands.
Ersatz hadn’t bothered to change his name, after all he was an image of what he had been. His heart had become cold replacing the one which was warm and which used to dance to the rhythm of life. Now it’s just dead, a cold hard stone an imitation of its previous existence.
Suddenly the night sky was filled with chimes from the clock tower signaling the end of an hour and start of a new one. Ersatz stood feeling the night breeze rustle through his hair. He walked towards the side of the parapet and dropped to the ground below. The height was small, and the drop was quite easy for someone quite skilled like him.
 He looked at his shadow watching his every move, his faith full useless companions that had never left him. A body lay dead at his feet, its throat slashed. It was his work, something he wasn’t proud of. He looked at the body crumpled beneath his feet, he didn’t feel anything, and cold hearts like his seldom felt any emotional tints especially for his enemies.
He walked down the street and turned the corner, he had promised to meet her at the Pirate’s Wish, a bar near the wharf, it would be crowded at this hour. The salty wind with its rich stink filled his nose as he reached the quay. The bar was filled with life he could sense it from where he was standing.
He loved life but ironically he had to keep destroying it in order to live, a life of sin. He had tried turning away from this way of life, but the enemies of his master the insane mad man kept coming. He had to go through hell to prove them wrong and as for the others he send them to the devil to learn his name.
He opened the door to the bar, saw her sitting at one of the seats near to the wall, he strode towards her. From the look in her eyes he knew, she had figured him out. Another innocent blood to wash his hands, he looked around at all the people filling the bar.
 “a lot of innocent bloods” he murmured.
He looked into her eyes as he sat down in front of her, there was fear, a little fear is good but it’s not going to help. Was it too much to hope for that maybe she hadn’t found out what he had been trying to hide.
She kept staring at him for a while then her lips moved.
“How old are you “, she asked noiselessly.
He smiled, she knows. And like always straight to the question. He had always warned her of her curiosity. He formed his reply slowly, taking his time with the words.
“It is considered rude to ask a vampire his age sweety”