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Lullaby To A Vampire

Sweet dreams little one, for the dawn comes                                                                                                                      
The moon is here to say goodnight to you
Get in your little coffin, for the night is at an end                                                                                                                
Lie down my little sucker, in your little blankets                                            
Close your eyes, for the sun is here                                                                                                                                
To dream of breathing down a mortals neck
Sleep my child, for its time to rest                                                                                                                                      
for night is life and day is death
Hush my little midnight daughter                                                                                                                                                
and close your red ruby eyes        
May the call of night hum lullabies                                                                                                                                
sweet as blood in your ears my little love                                                    
Sweep into crimson dreams little one                                                                                                                                
for the days are longer than nights              

Zombies Do Not Have Brains

Look into my head, Look at the body dead
Where the hell is my brain?
Is that my brain?
The one lying on the ground
Oh no it’s bigger than mine
Call me, call me a zombie
For I am as dead as my friend walking next to me
For that’s what we call one without a brain
I see people everywhere, people screaming everywhere
I like people I love people I eat people
I see them running ahead of me
I like people I love people I eat people
I see them even without a brain
Yesterday was when it happened
I was taking a shortcut home
That’s when they grabbed me
That’s when they got me
All my friends were there
And so were some girls
It felt like as if it was a rave party
I got bitten, I feel my body broken
And I feel like dead, but that’s what I am
I like people I love people I eat people
I see them running ahead of me
I like people I love people I eat people
I see them even without a brain
Where the hell is my brain?
Is that my brain?
The one lying on the ground
Oh no it’s not as big as mine
Walking like the dead, with intestinal trouble
Looking for a doctor, for I feel super sick
For I am dead, for I have no brain
I like people I love people I eat people
I see them running ahead of me
I like people I love people I eat people
Are they running away with my brain?

The Ballad Of The Broken Nose

I bought a pen to write with
That didn’t  have any ink in it
I shook it twice before checking it again
But the pen just won’t work
I threw it away out of the window
In a moments anger
I looked at my brother, Who had a pen with him
I asked for it, But he just won’t lend it
I jumped at him clawing for the pen
And he punched me in the face
And left me with a broken nose
While I kicked him in his stomach
And left him with a temporary stomach ache
My brother in his fury just like me
 threw the pen, Out of the window
Now both of us stood penless  and penniless
Seeing no other way, I jumped after
The pen out of the window
And landed in box with a lot of broken items
 Which reminded me of my broken nose

I am a Precursor

Walking the streets
All alone in the night
Guided by the stars
I pranced along
I am a precursor
From the end of times
I had walked across the world
To see the events take fruit
Across the time I had walked
And had seen a few prometheons
Young in age
Trying to portray a new future
In this predominant world
 Don’t ask what the line means, I can’t remember…. I found it in one of my old books. It was my very first poem  😄

Song of the Fallen

As years go by and the mind goes haze
Let my friends come and let my enemies come
To give me hope or to take away my dreams
But I will live before I die,
For the dreams, are written in the skies
Let’s be a little more patient
 To live before to die
Before the hopelessness sets in,
 Before senses leave me
Before I die, for the moment let me dream

An Incomplete Poem

Thousand dreams burning in minds
Starts to fire the fading believes
Brought back to life by dreams
I wake up from my dreams
To search for the sad truth
In the eyes of one soul
Sleeping in a prison
Unconscious, The gates closed
I walk away  from the gates
Shivering away from the
thorns of the cold hearts
to Snoop by the heaven’s door
Without waking the eyeless guardian
to watch the demons in heaven
flirt with the angels in hell
and to the waking guardian
I ask for the time of my fall
After you rise was the answer
And I walked away from the door
To the echos of a song being sung
of my fate , to rise so that I can fall
so that I can sleep, so that I can dream again

I Am Lazy

Hey, I am lazy am not gonna work
it has nothing to do with work
i am sorry, its just that am idle
its me sleepy, the thing is i am lazy

i am lazy and all the works drive me crazy
i drive my mom crazy cos i am lazy
they call me lazy cos i am lazy, catch my theory
don’t you see i am apathetic cos i am droopy
cos everything is so boring 
the lack of appeal makes me irky cos am weary
that it makes me so vexing 
which makes you wonder why i’m so lazy
i am lazy , yes i am lazy
i am lazy cos i am saving my energy
and you know that you are lazy,
when you get exited on cancelled plans

i am lazy and its all so hazy
maybe its cos am sleepy
for its just another monday morning 
or maybe its cos am a sloth
on every other days of the week
i am lazy and i don’t give a damn
i got a lotta people waiting for me
but its not so easy
for they keep having job for me 
remember me all  for i drive them all crazy
i drive them crazy cos i am lazy
i don’t give a damn
you know i am fucking lazy
for i dont give a damn

Stalker’s Anthem

I pray that you walk by me
 So that I can fall in step
Behind you, to follow you

They say am insane, I am insane
Insane for you. I have a crush
A crush on you, that I can’t explain

I wanna sing, sing my heart to you
But am not gonna sing it tonight

They say am blinded, blinded by
Love to you, but I say that
You are the only light I see

I watch you from outside the
House, behind the class and
At a distance from the corridor

They say am mad, I am mad
Mad about you, I always keep an eye
An eye on you so that you are safe

I wanna keep you, keep you safe
As you are safe from me
They say my type is to be blamed, blamed for
making the girls jumpy , but I say
Shut up am different
I see you sleep , sleep in your room
Through the window, from the next building
I hope you dream, in your sleep
About me as I dream of you
Goodnight my goddess , sleep well
For I shall stand guard for you

Senseless Rhyme

lets all play the dark twisted  fantasies 
that leaves our minds in tint of flames  
and then run off to our imaginaria 
to rouse our ghosts from the crypts of irkia 
where moons rises in the west  
and sets in the golden seas to the east 
where the snow capped peaks 
touches the stars in the sky as small as specks
and a hundred million suns
with one million moons
will illume the dark skies
while the lightning strikes 
the coffin buried in the heart of greyland                                                                              
and the thunder clouds burn the land                                               

Weird Poem

let me sing a poem 
that doesn’t rhyme
it shall not be an ode
nor an elegy
written on sad verse
but more like a limerick
and every line of the sonnet
ends with the wordlists of poem
don’t u think its so epic
or rather should have ended it like a couplet
so how is the sonnet
it has 14 lines and does it rhyme
didn’t you notice the verse
they all end with the same meaning of poem
 If you would check the end of each lines, you would notice that all the words in the end of each line is of same meaning of poem