Just do it

A Wednesday, @Campus

Day 3

“Just do it. I should just do it. I feel not like in the mood and do not want to, but I should. Guess I will do something.”

I was not doing a Shia LaBeouf “Just do it” session. I certainly didn’t have a green screen behind me.

Geeks or not. You must have heard of the chaos theory. Fair warning, I am not talking about the game, nor the album, nor the film. I am talking about the branch of mathematics that states that within the apparent randomness of chaotic systems, there are underlying patterns, repetitions, loops and sometimes a moment of order in a system sensitive to its initial conditions. If you are still not interested, ever heard the concept of the butterfly effect. It is derived from chaos theory.

I was introduced to the word procrastination when I was in eighth grade. It is not often that we find ourselves practising things that we were not aware had a particular name. Can I say that I had found myself procrastinating many times since then? I certainly didn’t know I was procrastinating before then.

Nature in a broader sense is the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, and the landscapes of the earth. It is one of the highly complex systems and it is nigh unpredictable. But even in its marvel and mystery, we sometimes see a sense of order to it. But I am not going to talk about the nature of the material world. I find the behavioural nature of each of us much more interesting. The question of what reasons our actions?

Nature can also be defined as the basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something that was inborn or hereditary often influenced by the environment of its origin. This is why I wanted to talk about the chaos theory and nature of ours.

In essence, even nature, how random and chaotic it may seem when we consider the chaos theory has its own patterns, repetitions and moments of order.

The question that we have to consider is how many times we get stuck in these patterns and repetitions. Imagine bemoaning each day as boring, a repetitive cycle many often fall into. So according to chaos theory, our nature can be traced to time we were growing. So the question that now irks me is whether I can blame all my nature of procrastination on to it.

Today morning, I found myself a bit lazy and hesitant to hit the gym, I haven’t had a shred of physical exercise for some time and had promised some of my friends that I would go with them, but I was starting to feel the non-existent knick in my neck.

If I were to not go to the gym. I would probably fall into a cycle of blaming my upbringing or the bad decision from the past I make. A cycle with no resolution. Then the question would be as to how not to get stuck in a repetitive cycle of such or in some cases how to recognise the momentary order we find in the chaos we live so that the nature we adapt during these moments will define our nature forward.

The actions we take during these moments of order among the chaos of our life will identify our actions in the future. Then the question is what reason could spur us into action.

I was trying to motivate myself to just do it when I got invited to play football by some other friends. In the end, I played football.

Did I achieve a moment of order today?


What Can’t be compromised?

The very Tuesday, @Campus

Day 2

“I spend an hour writing the post yesterday. Not really helping my case.”

Ever heard of the midnight sun, it is a natural phenomenon that happens at the poles. Nations up north in the artic circle like Norway have extended day times during the summers. You probably must have. My point is not about the midnight sun. It is about the sleep hours. I like to have a seven-hour sleep and that is one of the things that I like to not to compromise on.

Not many are comfortable to compromise on certain issues. Do you have an idea that you feel bonded to, on the face of it can you ever compromise on it?

I started the blog with the idea of motivating me to do more than just while away my the time in front of the screen. In hindsight, I spend more than what I spend on youtube on writing that post. It is a clear indication that I need to somehow try to find a way to consolidate the daily writing to a measurable small time otherwise it is going to infringe on my sleep.

The best way to sell something to someone is by selling consequence of the situation to them. The consequence here is, I will be losing my sleep hours. I can’t compromise on sleep so I will have to innovate on my writing style. Time saved on writing will be time gained for sleeping.

Now, with me struggling to keep my writing time hedged, I have decided to write down my line of thoughts and happenings as they come and happen. It certainly, would reduce the times I blink while trying to recall the day’s story.

What would we be, without our compromises?



Start of something new

One Monday, @Campus

Day 1

“First post of the project life concept. Dumb name!! But it might just work.”

It is getting really heated up in the north, I am not talking about the north pole where it is getting warmer, of course, it is getting warmer. But for now, the heat is closer to home. Bilateral relations between India and China has gone cold once again. Hope it gets warm. But not the topic to talk now, I want to try something different.

I always had the intention of blogging, as you can see by the state of this blog. Well, it had not gone too well.

Do you ever fear of an interest turning into an addiction of sort? A random hobby eating away the time of your days or life?

When I started watching youtube, I didn’t even consider for a moment that I would fall to the segment of binge watchers, those who toil their eyes on the screen, plunging into streams of visual imagery. Now I can’t have enough of it. Information at fingertips can be really addictive.

This hurts my time spend on the creative projects that I had taken up many a time. My project on Aegis of madness that I had repeatedly promised to devote myself to, the college courses that I am supposed to be up to date with but whining about my courses and my projects won’t help. Need to step up.

So, in conclusion, this project I am warming up now I hope will make me hunt for new topics to talk or maybe do something with life that would make it mildly interesting to talk of, so it won’t be a drag.

Did this post had the character, conflict, and resolution that is needed for a story?