A Space Opera – Flash fiction ( 1000 words ) – Terribleminds challenge

Static buzzed in Rad-60M Wardrunner’s radio as it sped towards Styh’a, the planetary headquarters of Qluemi System. Ayu looked from the screen monitor to the red button that had start… Source: A Space Opera - Flash fiction ( 1000 words ) - Terribleminds challenge


Reviewing GETMYUNI website

Getmyuni is a college search platform that offers to help students choose the right college or university with the help of 84000+ ratings and 59000+ reviews. The company has covered eleven thousand colleges in India and has more than 67000 users. What I love About Getmyuni. The very simplicity of the site with the absence of popups appealed …


Ersatz watched the family through the window from the roof of next building, the familiar scene laughing father, chiding mother, happy faces of children has become to Ersatz his temple where he  wash away his pain. He need to feel the glow of life once in a while so that he won’t forget his past, …