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In a session with the former RBI Governor Reghuram Rajan, a student had asked him the reason for the rising food prices. The question was when the inflation prices go up the prices of dosa goes up but when the inflation rates are lower the dosa prices are not lower.
Reghuram Rajan explained this situation by giving the audience an insight into Balassa-Samuelson effect. The idea is that the technology for making dosa has not changed. There had not been any technological improvement in this domain. But the wages for the worker has been going up. So what’s happens is in an economy which is growing, the sectors that don’t improve technologically the goods produced by those sectors will be much higher.  
Why I brought this up? In a recent assignment that involved my team seeking out trends in Indian market. One of my friends brought my attention to a machine known as Dosamatic machine. This machine will help you wend out Dosas, now for those who have never heard about Dosas. It’s a dish made in India, prominently in the south Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc.
It is a type of pancake-crepe with a wide type of variety but that is not the point I want to talk now. What I am wondering is how dosamatic machine will affect the Indian economy once it becomes a full-fledged household item. I will have to research some more before coming to a consensus. I will post the works on it later but from a quick study it can be said that dosamatic machine will not make a serious impact as it would only be a pin drop in the economy due to the different types of cuisines present in the country. So I am guessing Balassa-Samuelson effect will be sticking around for a while more.


A strong optimism can strike a note on one’s engagement with the world. It helps to make the state of mind firm and to make one reach his full potential.

A strong framework of an optimism can be made only from the good diplomacy of heart and a strong policy of mind. An optimistic mind can create a convergence between heart and mind and people and people

The effort taken for a particular purpose will be much less if the mind is optimistic.Cooperation, coordination and a will to fight are some things that stem from the conundrum of optimism. It can help one reach the helm.

Optimism also helps to face the uncomfortable, unanswered question that sometimes arises from the depth of an expanding ocean of knowledge.It helps in closing down the charm of self-doubt.

But being critical of oneself is also necessary. If not an unchecked optimistic mind can result in a travesty of decision making and can even be seen as being complicit to idiocy.

Wisdom Well

Trying to bring philosophical S.H.I.T ( Some Hegemonic Ideological Theology ) into a novel is really hard. I mean you have to have a point that is valid or that sounds like valid. I have been trying to come up with topics that could be added to story. I had thought of different ways as to how they would be presented.

So far I had been only able to come up with something like this

It is said that with age and time a person would change maybe for the the better or for the worse. They say that it can be seen in their eyes, they will be more deeper, more understanding and filled with wisdom. That they can wash themselves in the wisdom well. But of course not every one is allowed that.
The fools, stubborn ones , mad ones and ones with a thirst for vengeance are never allowed for the spirit of madness and spirit of vengeance have been prohibited from the well of wisdom.

See, it just isn’t cutting it. I feel like I hadn’t got everything right.

I was told that a good narration could overcome any stupidity that an author sprout. But since I am not really that good at narrations. I will have to come up with more credible topics that could incite minds. Yeps that what one random person that I came across online said to me.

Incite minds, me ….. its going to be hard. Really hard. 

Despicable me – Self Reflecting.

The true alchemist do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words”                                                                                                                                                    – William H. Gass
Some are born writers, they start to scribble in the walls of the house as soon as they learn to walk, they draw and scrawl in their parents or bigger siblings books writing in the secret words that originate from the corners of their mind. Though not all of them continue sharpening the inborn quill, some goes on to pursue art.
While some others get inspired from their parents or some one who was close to them like their favorite teacher or their favorite uncle. They listens in classes and are interested in the art of spinning tales, they hone their skills and grows up to go to colleges to pursue education in literature and history.
The third group are the ones who got inspired by the books written by their favorite writers and they were also probably in their teens when the comet of inspiration stuck them in the form of a book. I was one of them. But the thing that separated me from the other inspired teen book heads were that I lacked passion for the writing at least in the beginning of my life.
Do not get me wrong, I was and am a reader. A book worm . But the thing that attracted me to writing was the money. I had looked up about the writers whose book I have read which also happened to be famous ones and apparently all of them had ended up rich after getting their books published and that decided it for me. Woe me for my shallow and flippant heart. I overlooked the fact that all of them were famous, that they were all passionate, hard workers with a million following and almost all of those writers had not started rich and a larger number of writers had never been able to enter the spot light either, which had left me with a bad taste.

But now I had matured a lil bit or thinks I have and as a result and have kinda changed…. and the writing that I began as a pursuit for money kinda became my hobby…. I don;t think you will find any moral from my life or at-least from this production of my writing. I am trying to refer to this post and can’t find an apt name …. I do not know whether to name it article or an autobiography snippet.
So here I am getting all the typos from my mistypes due to lack of practice in typing, trying to make a better writer out of myself. 

Editors are hard to find – A conversation

ME: hey check this out … I wrote this . it’s one of the chapters of the story am working on
FRIEND: ah well I will check it out later
ME : nope you have got to do it now.
FRIEND : dude I don’t want to read it. Am not in the mood to read
ME : wat da fuck….. read it fucking write now…. You should be honored that am allowing you to read it
My friend obediently sits down to read with a grim look on his face which said everything that was prolly running through his mind