A song that breaks the walls of language and leave you in tears .

This song would probably leave you in tears with a tinge of that nostalgic love in your heart brimming up to the surface with the old memories. But that’s just me let me know about yours. For some, context the song gives a glimpse of the story Hotarubi No Mori which translates to “Into the…

Onion Junktion Art Contest

Contest by kobatochan.com Imagine “Hovering in front of a powerful, elderly martial artist with a large body to match his strength, is a domineering Chinese-style cauldron. Floating above the cauldron is a majestic pill, emitting an ethereal glow and seemingly containing a whole world within…“


Thinking of using this in Tomes of Talespinner. A guardian monster is supposed to be guarding Irkia.


Now that I look at it. It kinda looks like naruto. Maybe I will make this face part of one of my stories


A little bit of photoshop and flash


Made this using a mobile app. Just noticed the spider is supposed to have eight legs