Which is more paradoxical, a man seeking immortality drowning in the fountain of eternity or the fact that nobody goes to a restaurant because it is either too crowded or too empty? How can we not love the two sides of the world?

First was probably an excerpt from a story for if there were a fountain of youth, it would have long since been marketed. While the second is an excerpt from a case study for management students that could be told as a tale.

If you didn’t get it, you have been looking too closely at it. Read the next line.

I am a student pursuing my Masters in Business Administration, a reader, and wannabe writer with a deep love for fantasy who likes to keep spinning subtle webs of tales in his mind, almost as a second nature. I am also interested in chess, coding, and digital art and consider myself as an artistic tweaker.

According to the norm, I should have given an idea of the contents or in marketing terms, my offerings to you, “the reader” by now. So let me give it out. I will be talking about marketing, economics, analytics, operations, chess, games, books, websites, reviews, posts about my web novelĀ – Project AOM(Aegis of Madness), poems, digital art, prompts, rants, etc. Maybe I will achieve omniposting.

“Stop seeking and start seeing. You may yet see what you seek.”