What Can’t be compromised?

The very Tuesday, @Campus

Day 2

“I spend an hour writing the post yesterday. Not really helping my case.”

Ever heard of the midnight sun, it is a natural phenomenon that happens at the poles. Nations up north in the artic circle like Norway have extended day times during the summers. You probably must have. My point is not about the midnight sun. It is about the sleep hours. I like to have a seven-hour sleep and that is one of the things that I like to not to compromise on.

Not many are comfortable to compromise on certain issues. Do you have an idea that you feel bonded to, on the face of it can you ever compromise on it?

I started the blog with the idea of motivating me to do more than just while away my the time in front of the screen. In hindsight, I spend more than what I spend on youtube on writing that post. It is a clear indication that I need to somehow try to find a way to consolidate the daily writing to a measurable small time otherwise it is going to infringe on my sleep.

The best way to sell something to someone is by selling consequence of the situation to them. The consequence here is, I will be losing my sleep hours. I can’t compromise on sleep so I will have to innovate on my writing style. Time saved on writing will be time gained for sleeping.

Now, with me struggling to keep my writing time hedged, I have decided to write down my line of thoughts and happenings as they come and happen. It certainly, would reduce the times I blink while trying to recall the day’s story.

What would we be, without our compromises?



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