Start of something new

One Monday, @Campus

Day 1

“First post of the project life concept. Dumb name!! But it might just work.”

It is getting really heated up in the north, I am not talking about the north pole where it is getting warmer, of course, it is getting warmer. But for now, the heat is closer to home. Bilateral relations between India and China has gone cold once again. Hope it gets warm. But not the topic to talk now, I want to try something different.

I always had the intention of blogging, as you can see by the state of this blog. Well, it had not gone too well.

Do you ever fear of an interest turning into an addiction of sort? A random hobby eating away the time of your days or life?

When I started watching youtube, I didn’t even consider for a moment that I would fall to the segment of binge watchers, those who toil their eyes on the screen, plunging into streams of visual imagery. Now I can’t have enough of it. Information at fingertips can be really addictive.

This hurts my time spend on the creative projects that I had taken up many a time. My project on Aegis of madness that I had repeatedly promised to devote myself to, the college courses that I am supposed to be up to date with but whining about my courses and my projects won’t help. Need to step up.

So, in conclusion, this project I am warming up now I hope will make me hunt for new topics to talk or maybe do something with life that would make it mildly interesting to talk of, so it won’t be a drag.

Did this post had the character, conflict, and resolution that is needed for a story?


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