Despite the many challenges it has created, Globalisation has made the world a better place than it otherwise would have been. The world has much to offer, and we still need it to eradicate poverty and generate higher living standards for all, making globalisation a necessity.  But even as we adapt to globalisation, we also…

Jargon of Optimism

A strong optimism can strike a note on one’s engagement with the world. It helps to make the state of mind firm and to make one reach his full potential.   A strong framework of an optimism can be made only from the good diplomacy of heart and a strong policy of mind. An optimistic mind can…

Clean from the woods.

The things that you step over when given a second glance…. A post shared by Vivek Pk (@warnin_92) on Jul 12, 2017 at 8:33am PDT

Stones and Shells

There is a history to this shell. The history that connects my memories to the shell which in truth is only but a spec to the tale of the shell itself. Stones and shells A post shared by Vivek Pk (@warnin_92) on Jul 12, 2017 at 8:35am PDT

Just do it

A Wednesday, @Campus Day 3 “Just do it. I should just do it. I feel not like in the mood and do not want to, but I should. Guess I will do something.” I was not doing a Shia LaBeouf “Just do it” session. I certainly didn’t have a green screen behind me. Geeks or…

What Can’t be compromised?

The very Tuesday, @Campus Day 2 “I spend an hour writing the post yesterday. Not really helping my case.” Ever heard of the midnight sun, it is a natural phenomenon that happens at the poles. Nations up north in the artic circle like Norway have extended day times during the summers. You probably must have….

Start of something new

One Monday, @Campus Day 1 “First post of the project life concept. Dumb name!! But it might just work.” It is getting really heated up in the north, I am not talking about the north pole where it is getting warmer, of course, it is getting warmer. But for now, the heat is closer to…