Reviewing GETMYUNI website

Getmyuni is a college search platform that offers to help students choose the right college or university with the help of 84000+ ratings and 59000+ reviews. The company has covered eleven thousand colleges in India and has more than 67000 users.

What I love About Getmyuni.

The very simplicity of the site with the absence of popups appealed to me the most. The fixed menu bar makes it easier to navigate from one page to another. Also, the design is consistent on different pages with just the right amount of graphic and the color scheme of the site is effective and easy on the eye.

I have been a recurrent visitor to the site for some time now and have noted the rise in users. Also, the reports from show the rise in traffic in the site which means more people are engaged in the forums on the site resulting in more reviews. The reviews are to the point and at the same time include all the needed information ranging from the type of institutions, facilities it offers, faculty and placement details and scholarship options that are provided by the institution.

The competition offered by Getmyuni is wide ranging and it has options that show that an event or competition is closed or not saving time and efforts of the readers.

Things to Improve Upon

Some of the competitions need to be updated as the dates in the competitions are not consistent with the dates from the websites. Some of them still stay open after the competition entry date is over.

According to the, the site loads at a speed of 2.204 sec. So the speed could be improved. Also, the audience demographics based on genders showed less participation from females. Female reviews will be different from males and will lead to a set of a different perspective.

Marketing Ideas that could be used.

In one of the presentation given by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, he talked about the change in Google’s goal to build a personal google for each and every user from the previous goal of google for everyone. It’s too early for Getmyuni to follow in google’s  footsteps but it could change the end goal from just helping students in choosing colleges to assist them as a personal guide by offering more.
For example, as an MBA student, I am required to get primary data for some assignments and sometimes it is quite hard to get data. Getmyuni could offer a platform where each student could assist each other by sharing links to the form with others and thus getting a wider range of demographics. It could be done on merit basis like how Scribophile is doing. This would draw in more students and spread awareness among them.

Also, interpretations could be made in data visualization method as they are more attractive and it would differentiate Getmyuni from other websites.

Sponsoring an event being held in a college would help the awareness among students about the website to be improved.

Website –


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  1. Interesting review, Vivek.. I'll definitely check out this website 🙂

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  2. Sruthi Kurup says:

    review is good….looking ahead

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    1. Take your time to look around. Maybe you will find something interesting


  3. Varun R K says:

    Good work Vivek.
    If you could highlight the key differentiators the article could’ve been better (just my suggestion). Keep going 🙂

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    1. I will do so next time. Thanks for the feedback


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice work Vivek. Good review!

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  5. Arun Sankar says:

    Awesome work mate. I will definitely try this website

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    1. Thanks man. Do go through the website. You will find it interesting


  6. parvathy nair says:

    Really good VIVEK


  7. Harikrishnan RS says:

    Nice Job


  8. Hemanth says:

    Nice work vivek


  9. Anonymous says:

    Lots of research done for the article, mate. Good job


  10. Vignesh says:

    Nice review. Keep up the good work!


  11. John says:

    This gives a good summary of the site for a first time user . Will check out the site.

    Good work Vivek 🙂 Cheers


  12. Nandu G Nair says:

    Good work buddy.. Very nice article..


  13. Subin sabu says:

    Good job da.. Keep it up..


  14. Akarsh C says:

    Good work


  15. Kiran says:

    Good work!!! Well articulated points.


  16. Govind says:

    Good work mahn…nyc review 🙂


  17. V. Sai Gyaneswar says:

    This website gives you basic information about the colleges. Nice review. Great job Vivek and keep going on


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