Incomplete Story – 1

The king woke up to a morning with a turbulent backdrop of unrest in the country, the rebels agitating in the south, an economic crisis, guild strikes and attacks on the northern frontiers by barbarians from the north. But what worried him most was a pimple on his nose. To be blunt a pimple on his nose was not something he had anticipated and it for that reason agitated him greatly.

His advisors were asking him to adopt a strategy to confront the crisis directed to the kingdom. But the centerpiece of the kingdom found his attention drawn back to his nose. And so accidentally charged sedition charges against the barbarians instead of the rebel leaders

One of the captains of the regiments situated in the capital was notified to present the barbarian leader with sedition charges. The captain tried to get hold of the advisors  but found them imprisoned in the palace cells.

Soon after he rode off from the capital with his regiment to the north instead of south to which he had thought he would be sent to. By presenting himself as the bearer of the royal message of the king, the captain entered the war council on the war on the north. The war council was happy with the advantage the reinforcement provided by the new reinforcement from the capital

The war council rejoiced but found themselves in confusion when they heard the message from the king…….


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