A flash fiction challenge – Horizon of Insanity

Keep it small and keep it in three sentences , I was able to rein my imagination into three sentences.
“ My hands are red and my soul is blue……and the world is so dark like …. my green soul”, I murmured on with a blank face as I looked down on myself lying down on the red earth with my iris drawn back to my head and with bones poking through several parts of my battered body, probably trying to draw out the last vestiges of memory buried deep into the recess of my mind, trying to understand what had happened; and most possibly failing in it, like how it had been said in the scrolls.
Should I laugh, cry or feel pity for what had been me; no I am still here, I am still me, it’s just the container that had changed or more correctly, I look at myself; ethereal, reborn and awake, yes I have awakened or maybe ascended, I guess ascended would be the right word, for what I am now is infinitely more powerful than the husk I was before, yes power truly is sweet and I want it.
I want more.

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