Wisdom Well

Trying to bring philosophical S.H.I.T ( Some Hegemonic Ideological Theology ) into a novel is really hard. I mean you have to have a point that is valid or that sounds like valid. I have been trying to come up with topics that could be added to story. I had thought of different ways as to how they would be presented.

So far I had been only able to come up with something like this

It is said that with age and time a person would change maybe for the the better or for the worse. They say that it can be seen in their eyes, they will be more deeper, more understanding and filled with wisdom. That they can wash themselves in the wisdom well. But of course not every one is allowed that.
The fools, stubborn ones , mad ones and ones with a thirst for vengeance are never allowed for the spirit of madness and spirit of vengeance have been prohibited from the well of wisdom.

See, it just isn’t cutting it. I feel like I hadn’t got everything right.

I was told that a good narration could overcome any stupidity that an author sprout. But since I am not really that good at narrations. I will have to come up with more credible topics that could incite minds. Yeps that what one random person that I came across online said to me.

Incite minds, me ….. its going to be hard. Really hard. 


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  1. Don't give up… Sometimes a great idea will come to you when you least expect it. …like when you are half asleep, or just waking up, or doing something completely different, like playing a video-game or something.

    What I am trying to say is that sometimes it helps if you give your conscious mind a break, and let the sub-conscious do some of the work… Well, that's been true for me on many occasions.

    But I know you can do it. You've come up with some very unique and creative ideas before.


  2. Will do that…. I bought a new mobile… which i hope would help me increase my productivity…. or maybe I will get blackholed and forget all about writing


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