The inspiration hunter – Terrible minds Challenge

A flash fiction challenge – 100 words only

I wish the day would come soon when I could stop killing people in my mind for just 100 words –  

” Why “, sobbed the woman.

” A challenge was issued “, I said.
“What “, she quavered.
“A challenge.. can’t you hear me… a challenge.. need hundred words”
” But…Why “. Tears flowed from her eyes.
” Needed the experience.. want to better myself…. keep talking “
” Please…”
“Save me…”
” Yes…. keep talking”
“Please “, she whimpered and a shudder went through her and she stopped moving.
I looked at the stab wound, looked terrible but the concept was terrible minded, a hundred words of fiction. A drabble. It is hard enough to write short fictions. 


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