The Ballad Of The Broken Nose

I bought a pen to write with
That didn’t  have any ink in it
I shook it twice before checking it again
But the pen just won’t work
I threw it away out of the window
In a moments anger
I looked at my brother, Who had a pen with him
I asked for it, But he just won’t lend it
I jumped at him clawing for the pen
And he punched me in the face
And left me with a broken nose
While I kicked him in his stomach
And left him with a temporary stomach ache
My brother in his fury just like me
 threw the pen, Out of the window
Now both of us stood penless  and penniless
Seeing no other way, I jumped after
The pen out of the window
And landed in box with a lot of broken items
 Which reminded me of my broken nose

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