Written in Blood

My name is Daniel, my friends call me Danny. My life is hell but like my friend Raphael says.” Lets party in hell”.
 I had never looked back at life, had never wondered where I would be if I had taken a different path, a path different from the one I had taken from the many roads that had stretched before me.
I am a refugee in this country; I had come with my papa and mama along with my little sister. But life had never been as they  had dreamed. Mama had always said to strive for the dream and papa had said dream will always stay as dreams or they will lose their meaning. Maybe that’s what you call thinking real but my friend Raphael says life is a dream and like dream we can decide to do anything with it.
I observed the dimly lit room. A lassie was singing on the stage. She looked beautiful but I don’t think Raphael would have liked her. She was not his type, he was never into blondes but she sure was my type . He loved my sister that is Raphael loved my sister and for a very long time too. Was I really blind not to see that? A chuckle left me. Bastard didn’t even bother to tell me….. would I have been happy for them…. I think so … for I love them both with my heart.
The guy sitting next to me is now eyeing me like I am weird, well people will probably misjudge anyone from outside. Geez..! I can’t even laugh to old memories but its still weird to think him in love with my sister. But well..! Never mind! Where the hell is Leo, anyway? He was supposed to meet me half an hour before.
 A mug of beer was placed in front of me. I sipped it. I felt it flow down my throat. Ahh just the type Raphael would have loved it, too bad he is not here. You maybe wondering why I bring Raphael all the time, he had been my friend from the very first day, practically from the very day I was able to walk. We lived in the same village where we born before coming here. Our families had come together and we were bought up together.

The sound of door opening got my attention and I looked up to see leo walking in and about time too. I got up as he came near me.
“ no beer for you buddy, we don’t have time. And I will need you to drive”
Looks like he didn’t like the idea much but I gave him one of my “I’ll-fucking-kill-you” look which seemed to do the work. He walked towards the door ahead of me but not before giving me his sigh of not wanna come by a deep sigh.
He is one lazy bump considering how many times I had saved his sorry ass. The last thing he can do is give me a drive, ungrateful ass guess that does gives out his character in two words.
I slid into the shotgun seat of the car. The car wasn’t anything posh it used to be an old, wait I looked up at him.
“Leo what did you do with your old dump “
He gave me a toothy grin and hit the radio. And it began to play high way to hell.
I raised my eyebrow, that’s one of the Raphael’s favourite ones. I gave out a hearty laugh. Leo was now looking at me with a lost look.
“you can breathe Leo you only have to drive me in , I will do the job. That are Gabriel’s orders”
He breathed out he must have been holding it. He would be a pain in the ass if he was going to tag with me. He gave me a slip, I opened it the number of the ware house was written in it. Memorising it wasn’t hard for even a bird brain like me. Raphael was the brainy one; I was all about brawn.
“I don’t get how Bill’s got into Gabriel’s bad books; after all he is second in command. Is he trying a coup or something?”
 “That doesn’t concern you anymore after today, how many does he have with him there”
 ” about seven “
I took out my Beretta and checked the mag and I loaded my .38 revolver. The snub nosed revolver was gift from Raphael. The car stopped soon in the harbour. The cawing of sea gulls filled the air. I slid the guns back into the coat and got out.
“you can go now, I will take bill’s car after the job “
Am a refugee a refugee from law, a mafia and in our code vengeance and treachery will always be written in blood and the answers to secrets will always be silence. The pistol goes to the right hand and revolver to the left. I looked at the number, considering the number 69 in S-69. That’s one of my favourite number, I smirked at the door. Now should I just walk in and start shooting or should I think it through before I walk in. God I miss Raphael he always had a plan, that’s why I can’t do the jobs alone.
Hell with it am the best in what I do. I walked towards the door opened it and slid in. Bill was standing near a table talking with two others looking in the direction away from me. And no guards guess he hadn’t heard that his death certificate had already been drafted. I walked towards them keeping the guns from the line of sight of others too.
Hmm.. that’s Jimmy and Patty, guess they will have to die too. Jimmy raised his hands at seeing me calling out my name as I got close to them. I could see Bill’s head jerk back to look at me and am pretty much sure his hair at the back of his nape stood up.
A satisfied smile must have flashed through me, I raised my pistol and shot Patty first . jerk didn’t acknowledge me when I came in, he must die first. The bullet punched through his eyeball.
Bill was turning around the bullet from the revolver first hit his ass and then second on his throat. And he was on the ground. Shit and he was the second in command was I taking orders from this looser all the time.
Bam, a bullet struck my chest I looked at jimmy with the gun and with a hole in his fore head…. From my second bullet from pistol. Good I had the sense to wear bulletproof vest of Gabriel, well it was not new but still effective. I looked at bill he was choking, I shot him in head from the pistol. Running footsteps sounded from the corner, bullets whizzed around me as I walked jumped and avoided bullets and did the job of death giving them there one way passage to hell. They are not going to heaven, that am fucking sure off.
I walked back to Bill’s body and peered at him. Then bang and a bullet hit me in the shoulder I spurned around and shot with the revolver, the pistol had fallen from my hand the bullet from the revolver got its mark his throat, I specialized on them the throat area and the head. He choked blood. The second one got in his head. Damn leo he messed up the numbers.
 But now I was choking. Geez the last time when I spoke with Raphael he had also seemed so much pathetic just like me maybe a bullet in throat does make you choke too much after all.
“Too bad”, I slid to the floor and balanced my back at the tables leg. The Gabriel’s manor was too much bloody after I left him there with the other corpse of Gabriel and others. Maybe I should have taken time to bury him. I could hear the sirens at distance, hopefully I would be long dead before the police gets here. No one walks away after hurting my sister and friend, family comes first and the death of these where charted by me and Raphael and as I said vengeance will always be written in blood.
The sound of the door opening brought me back, and I thought I would be dead by now. I looked at the number of bullets in the revolver, two more huh…. Well more the merrier. Lets party at hell.
 I grinned.

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