Stalker’s Anthem

I pray that you walk by me
 So that I can fall in step
Behind you, to follow you

They say am insane, I am insane
Insane for you. I have a crush
A crush on you, that I can’t explain

I wanna sing, sing my heart to you
But am not gonna sing it tonight

They say am blinded, blinded by
Love to you, but I say that
You are the only light I see

I watch you from outside the
House, behind the class and
At a distance from the corridor

They say am mad, I am mad
Mad about you, I always keep an eye
An eye on you so that you are safe

I wanna keep you, keep you safe
As you are safe from me
They say my type is to be blamed, blamed for
making the girls jumpy , but I say
Shut up am different
I see you sleep , sleep in your room
Through the window, from the next building
I hope you dream, in your sleep
About me as I dream of you
Goodnight my goddess , sleep well
For I shall stand guard for you

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