Ersatz watched the family through the window from the roof of next building, the familiar scene laughing father, chiding mother, happy faces of children has become to Ersatz his temple where he  wash away his pain.
He need to feel the glow of life once in a while so that he won’t forget his past, so that he could sweep his demons away which keeps coming with his each step towards the darkness. So that he won’t become a monster.
But the ghosts of the past keep catching up to him enemies legacy of his dead master hunting and stalking him at every point of his pitiful existence. Killers, murderers , monsters. They always keep creeping back when he wasn’t looking.
Ersatz that was the name given to him by his maker, the inferior one, a substitute the name meant. That was how his master had seen him, a substitute of himself. Maybe he had made him to act as a fake until his untimely death by Ersatz hands.
Ersatz hadn’t bothered to change his name, after all he was an image of what he had been. His heart had become cold replacing the one which was warm and which used to dance to the rhythm of life. Now it’s just dead, a cold hard stone an imitation of its previous existence.
Suddenly the night sky was filled with chimes from the clock tower signaling the end of an hour and start of a new one. Ersatz stood feeling the night breeze rustle through his hair. He walked towards the side of the parapet and dropped to the ground below. The height was small, and the drop was quite easy for someone quite skilled like him.
 He looked at his shadow watching his every move, his faith full useless companions that had never left him. A body lay dead at his feet, its throat slashed. It was his work, something he wasn’t proud of. He looked at the body crumpled beneath his feet, he didn’t feel anything, and cold hearts like his seldom felt any emotional tints especially for his enemies.
He walked down the street and turned the corner, he had promised to meet her at the Pirate’s Wish, a bar near the wharf, it would be crowded at this hour. The salty wind with its rich stink filled his nose as he reached the quay. The bar was filled with life he could sense it from where he was standing.
He loved life but ironically he had to keep destroying it in order to live, a life of sin. He had tried turning away from this way of life, but the enemies of his master the insane mad man kept coming. He had to go through hell to prove them wrong and as for the others he send them to the devil to learn his name.
He opened the door to the bar, saw her sitting at one of the seats near to the wall, he strode towards her. From the look in her eyes he knew, she had figured him out. Another innocent blood to wash his hands, he looked around at all the people filling the bar.
 “a lot of innocent bloods” he murmured.
He looked into her eyes as he sat down in front of her, there was fear, a little fear is good but it’s not going to help. Was it too much to hope for that maybe she hadn’t found out what he had been trying to hide.
She kept staring at him for a while then her lips moved.
“How old are you “, she asked noiselessly.
He smiled, she knows. And like always straight to the question. He had always warned her of her curiosity. He formed his reply slowly, taking his time with the words.
“It is considered rude to ask a vampire his age sweety”

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