Trends And Drifts

Someone right now is
Entering the class late
Apologising for being late
Wondering what lie to tell
while Someone in the second row in the class
is Looking for a pen to write

Somebody right now is staring
Through the window at the birds flying
Through the clouds in the sky
There is somebody in the corner
Who  is looking at the blackboard
 Cant get the meaning  feeling plastered
Now he gotta copy the notes
In the late night when
He is really in need of a sleep
Someone right now is looking pretty sleepy
For the reason that he is still not sober
From last night

Somebody sitting across the row
Looking the girl at the other end
And his best friend writes
His and his lovers names
In the bench who just happened to be
The girl his friend was staring at
I wonder what it is like to be

Right there in there shoes
But no i am just taking it in
From the back seat in the class
Staring at them trying to get inspired
Because this is just not a song

Somebody right now is being led
By the dean to his cubicle
Trying to reason with him
About those petty dress codes
Do you really think anything
Is gonna change his drift
So what do you have to say
Should we live for the day
Should we die living in the past
Mean while right now
Someone’s trying to submit
An assignment a little bit late
3 days after the last date
But the professor just won’t bulge
Same time across the hall
A tutor is trying to get a student to
Submit a 30 days late project
 But the fellow Just won’t listen

Right now someone wishes
To sneak out and get away from this mess
But right now i am sitting
With my friends watching
The girls parade across the corridor
 The class is going on and my books are open
But without nothing written in it
And we don’t really care
Because everyone i am just taking it in
From the back seat in the third row

Someone right now reading these lines
Thinking that he had heard the exact lyrics
That’s right this is the trend
I was inspired by Fortminor
And my drift drives me to write this song
So i am writing this song Monday morning
When i have to start on an assignment
Which is due today which is yet to began.    


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