Caesar is dead – Zombie Legions Rises

I am looking at all the possible apocalyptic situations that had already been told. You might be surprised to what all types that are out there.
With the possible apocalyptic situations like rising global warming, North Korea – America war of words or tweets, a possible comet shower to Earth for Earth to clean itself up or more of fictional scenarios like a zombie outbreak and the more crankier versions of sharkocalypse, carrotacalypse, etc, the apocalyptic scenarios built around in movies and novels have been many.
On a completely related note for those who didn’t know.
      /ləʊ / 
      exclamation  archaic
                used to draw attention to an interesting or amazing event.
                “and lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them”
                                                                                – Source: Google

I was thinking up a story lately with a historical scenario build around it, something to do with Caesar. And since I was thinking of a story with horror and humor. It’s natural that the story should start with death. And we have an obvious death in the history right.

” Et tu brutus “ cried, Caesar. And then Caesar died.

That would be a scenario to build up, a zombie apocalypse in a historical context. History is rich in scenarios for the picking. We can bring up new characters who would be fighting to save the world from the Zombie legion.

Lo Caesar is dead killed by his own friends or well the ones who he saw as friends.

Cassius and Brutus and the other assassins brandish their knives and cry democracy and things that they shouted out that day.

And then the shit went down. The zombie apocalypse decides to hit Rome.

And Lo the dead Ceasar is biting the unsuspecting Cassius in the butt and chewing a large chunk of it. Brutus and his fellow conspirators seeing this lifts up their toga and runs out of the Senate as if the police have broken into a college sorority orgy. I will let your imagination go about the rest.

We can bring up new characters who would be fighting to save the world from the Roman Zombie legion. We can even add Mark Antony somewhere… like going in a glory of words trying to sway the plebian Zombies with his sound vocals

“ Country men and zombies “

Uhm Ugh Times up. Got to go. Happy apocalyptic occasions that you could probably be executing.


A song that breaks the walls of language and leave you in tears .

This song would probably leave you in tears with a tinge of that nostalgic love in your heart brimming up to the surface with the old memories. But that’s just me let me know about yours.

For some, context the song gives a glimpse of the story Hotarubi No Mori which translates to “Into the Forest of Fireflies “. The tale is about how a girl who got stranded in a forest meets a spirit, the spirit helps her and they become friends. But a wall exists between them as the spirit could disappear forever if he is touched by a human.

Fair warning, the video does have spoilers but I don’t think it would have any consequence on your wish for watching the movie.

Hotarubi No Mori e tells a beautiful love story, a surreal fantasy dreamed up in a space between hope and truth, between human and soul. Finally, when the dream dissipates, it leaves behind a beautiful memory.


Despite the many challenges it has created, Globalisation has made the world a better place than it otherwise would have been. The world has much to offer, and we still need it to eradicate poverty and generate higher living standards for all, making globalisation a necessity.

 But even as we adapt to globalisation, we also tend to defend against it. The introduction of new ideas and culture tend to change the existing ones and in many cases, the newly introduced ideas are heavily contested, feared and some other times opposed.

The legitimacy of whether globalisation is a force for good is always questioned. There have been many diagnoses done on the idea of globalisation, trying to understand the main problems and where they lie.

The most significant of them as far as I have seen was the institutional inequality faced by different industries and countries due to lack of capital, geography, resources, etc. and also it’s not just the globalised economic hubs that are impacted by the globalisation bus, everyone is part of the waggon. If the leaders are able to visualise and consistently plan ahead then resources for the area will increase with rising in social opportunities, etc

The very fact that I am writing this assignment can be traced back to globalisation. I stand with the fact that global system is unfair in many scenarios but it does not lead to poor becoming poorer and rich richer. The issue is the distribution of benefits which can only be rectified through education.

Educating the masses will enable them to better suit the current scenario and keep up in the competition.

To conclude as it has brought many changes in all parts of my life from the gadgets I use and wear to the food I eat, I can consider myself as a global citizen and part of a global village, even if it may be a little isolated and away from the usual crowd.

Incomplete Story 1 – You won’t find a more stupid story than this.

 The ant was looking at the tree with images of its childhood flashing in front of it. The tree from the memory of the ants now appears to be digging into its roots with a shovel reinforced with a guiding mechanism that would enable it to find the principal root. The guiding mechanism steers the shovel to roots under the earth with relative ease.

The queen of bees when asked said the brain of the tree is raging under some double track disruption spell.  The tiger that had been sleeping under the tree says the tree intends to unite with its partner. The three hat wearing rabbits, the ones who had provided the tree with the shovel with powerful magic says they do this usually for a commission of carrots.

The ant that had driven here after hearing the rumours that followed after the tree took to its root with the shovel. He talked with the termites that had arrived at the stage with one of its powerful figures, a protege of the former termite Lord that lived in the tree. He had come carrying an axe after he heard his former lord has fallen after the tree had gone crazy. He would have cut down the tree he says but he is afraid of the safety of the tiger who is still sleeping under the tree.

The ant after some time was able to discern from the network of spiders that the tree had identified its former nemesis from the time when it had been the kingpin of seeds of its clique. Apparently, a former bird that had stayed with the tree had come after a grand journey and had told the tree about his former rival that had taken the chair of leaves from it.


Jargon of Optimism

A strong optimism can strike a note on one’s engagement with the world. It helps to make the state of mind firm and to make one reach his full potential.
A strong framework of an optimism can be made only from the good diplomacy of heart and a strong policy of mind. An optimistic mind can create a convergence between heart and mind and people and people
The effort taken for a particular purpose will be much less if the mind is optimistic.Cooperation, coordination and a will to fight are some things that stem from the conundrum of optimism. It can help one reach the helm.
Optimism also helps to face the uncomfortable, unanswered question that sometimes arises from the depth of an expanding ocean of knowledge.It helps in closing down the charm of self-doubt.
But being critical of oneself is also necessary. If not an unchecked optimistic mind can result in a travesty of decision making and can even be seen as being complicit to idiocy.